What is the LiveFeeds Platform

LiveFeeds is the ecommerce automation platform that helps retailers and brands improve their performance, automate their business processes and grow internationally.

Our unique approach to product data

There are other feed providers out there, we have used them all. Not a single one of them is concerend with data consistency and it was that frustration that lead us to create LiveFeeds with the vision that we could change the way product data is shared. Marketing technology keeps moving forward, we have programatic etc yet it all still runs from static data feeds, it is time that product data caught up, the LiveFeeds service brings the marketing sector a gigantic leap forward in data consistency.

Unrivalled support

We understand how important marketing data is to both merchants and publishers. Our team are avaiable to help with integrations and ongoing developments, we are only an email away.

Relentless Innovation

Our development pipeline puts other feed providers to shame. We are driven by the belief that marketing data is still very much in its infancy and there is vast potential to evolve the medium.