Live Data is the next big thing in fashion retail


When inventory for that size 6 dress in black goes out of stock - everyone knows about it!

A product changes price or stock status. All of your affiliates, shopping channels and paid search campaigns are notified without you having to re-export and re-syndicate your feed. Live Data means that changes are communicated individually the moment they are detected rather than to an arbitrary feed output schedule.

Move sale stock faster

Reduce the price on clearance stock and see your propositions instantly syndicated - see them sell out - then see them automatically removed from your data.

Protect Conversion - Automatic Self Healing Links

A popular blog has written about your latest collection and hard coded some deep links to items they have reviewed. Now lets say some of those items go out of stock, how can live data help?

Because our platform is live it is aware of every link that every publisher has. This means that if a customer clicks on a link expired/out of stock product our system knows about it. Instead of sending the customer on to a product page with the out of stock product, our platform instead empowers you to look after the customer in a much more conversion friendly conversational way. E.g. "We are sorry that Winter Coat in black [Size L] you saw on Beauty Blog is currently out of stock. We do however have it available in grey, or here are some other black Winter Coats"

Publisher relationships are now 2-way data streams

If you can truly capitalize on the symbiotic relationship you have with bloggers/fashion sites you can take your affiliate programs to the next level.

Our platform allows the publisher to also send data back to you, for example their top product picks or product review scores etc. This is unique highly valuable data that you can then use to leverage the publisher-customer relationship to increase your conversion. For example, with SHL (above), this would allow you to show "other top picks from Beauty Blog", this information is both genuine and credible and creates a halo affect when the customer sees how integrated their favorite blog is with their shopping experience.

Our platform also helps you easily Co-brand your landing pages. Co-branding increases conversion as it leverages the trust and familiarity the customer already has with the publisher brand.

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