Automatically Syncronize Everywhere.


Increase visibility by adding channels and expand into new territories from one simple platform

LiveFeeds is a Product Content Management Service for Distributed Commerce. Rapidly expand your brand's reach with shopping portals, comparison sites, affiliates and retargeting all from one easy to use platform. LiveFeeds allows you to easily syndicate to any number of channels without any extra development or management overhead. Adapt your product data to meet the requirements of any marketing channel quickly and easily.

Our Unrivaled Support team are always available to help, from initial set-up to ongoing advice and assistance, we are with you every step of the way.

Automatically Up to Date

LiveFeeds automatically detect changes to your product data and allows your publishers/channels to update in real time. You do not need to republish and resyndicate your data. Our revolutionary system does this without scraping and does not increase server load. LiveFeeds is compatible with Google Tag Manager and other leading tag management applications.

Automatic Self-Healing Links Our Live Data platform detects and automatically corrects bad/old links to maintain a consistent high quality user experience across your entire publisher base.

A new standard in data quality High quality consistent data directly impacts conversion and customer experience. High quality data removes the friction throughout the product data lifecycle, put simply, we can help you make it easy for your partners and channels to get your propositions to market faster.

Supercharge Affiliates

Stay on top of price and stock changes and get propositions to market faster. Let affiliates stay up to date without having to republish and resyndicate your entire feed

Feed Change Notifications When a change happens LiveFeeds lets every affiliate know that they need to update. No more arbitrary schedules and no more feed lag.

Only send what has changed Instead of downloading your entire data feed, LiveFeeds allows affiliates to download only what has changed. This allows partners to update frequently throughout the day.

Complete Control of Every Channel

Set up rules to transpose your data into the correct format for any channel. Those rules are then automated so once setup any new products will feature without additional work

Product sets are channel specific, meaning you have control of which products you feature on each channel individually.

View all channels and publishers on a single screen.

See all of your affiliates and channels on a single screen, see when each affiliate/channel updates and view the product level impact of anyone who is not yet up to date, allowing you priorities your communications effectively.

Activity Alerts let you know if a product change has caused issue with any of your channels. Custom alerts allow you to tailor the LiveFeeds dashboard to assist your workflow. For example "Alert me if any of my key LiveFeed enabled affiliates fail to update"

Google Shopping LiveFeeds integration means stock levels and pricing are always up to date

Updating twice a day just doesn't cut it when you are paying for every click. LiveFeeds Google Shopping integration means that stock and price changes are reflected in your Google Shopping campaigns as soon as they are detected. Reduce wasted ad spend and improve conversion by ensuring shoppers see what they are expecting on your landing pages.

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