LiveFeeds notifies you when product information changes

LiveFeeds monitors a retailer's site for changes. Once a change is detected our platform sends a notification to every affiliate/publisher requesting they update. Publishers then download only the product information that has changed, not the whole feed, this makes the process faster and more efficient. LiveFeeds brings an end to feed-lag and waiting for a retailer to republish their feed to resync it with their site. LiveFeeds empowers publishers to only send customers on to propositions that are consistent with what is advertised on their site. Conversion is increased and wasted traffic is dramatically reduced.

Download only what's changed

LiveFeeds will send you a notification that a product has changed. This could mean a price has changed, the product has gone out of stock or it could be a brand new product. This approach makes changes far easier to consume which is particularly beneficial when a retailer has a very large feed.

  • Update only when data has changed
  • Speed up update processing
  • Increase frequency of updates
  • Stay informed on price drops/deals
  • Reduce feed-update communication with retailers

Self Healing Links

If you fall behind on an update don't worry - the LiveFeeds Platform will redirect customers on the retailers website to a page of comparable deals that will convert.

Publisher Dashboard

See the status of every retailer's feed all on one screen. A colored pie chart makes it easy to see which retailers you are up to date with and which need your attention.

Save Time

No more emergency data loads due to a product going out of stock. No more loading a retailer's full file even if only a single product has changed.

Increase Conversion

Accurate data converts better, it is as simple as that. Retailers using LiveFeeds have the best product data consistency in the industry.


Set up alerts to notify you of issues with your data. For example, get an alert if a data load on your system fails. Alerts allow to you focus on the important tasks in your day in the knowledge that if your data needs your attention we'll let you know.

World Class Support

Our UnRivaled Support team understand the important role publishers play in digital marketing. We offer the same support to Publishers that we give to our Retailers, UnRivaled, always there when you need us.

The highest quality data in the industry, made for developers by developers

Integrates with any current load process

Using a LiveFeed is easy. LiveFeeds will notify you of any change to the data, you simply download the change and overwrite your old product data with new fresh data.

Full Feed Always Available

You can refresh a retailer's full product feed at any time. Simply request the full data set and download up-to-the-second latest version of the product data.

Quick Setup

Set up a notification end point that LiveFeeds can communicate with, then hook that into your current load process. It is as simple as that.