Ensure affiliates always have your latest deals


Keep pricing and stock availability up to date without having to re-export and re-syndicate feeds

LiveFeeds keeps your feed up to date without the need to republish. Pricing and stock availability change frequently in the mobile phone sector, it is simply no longer acceptable to output a feed X times per day. Affiliates are more conversion focused than ever, our platform ensures your conversion is maximized 24/7. Feeds in this sector can be extremely large which can cause many problems and inefficiencies for affiliates and delay getting propositions to market. LiveFeeds allows affiliates to update as and when changes occur, with small change-only feeds that are easy to consume and can be used frequently throughout the day.

Maximise presence on Price Comparison sites

Beat your competition with speed. Get your propositions to market faster. Strategically position, react and reposition faster than your competition can even output a feed.

No more feed lag, no more wasted clicks. Increase conversion and be the No.1 choice of your price comparison partner when it comes to promo opportunities.

Work Smarter. No more emailing to request the feed be re-taken. No more checking a list of sites to see who has and who has not taken your latest data. Increase team efficiency and focus on driving sales.

Reduce pressure on IT dept & empower marketers to outmanoeuvre your competition

LiveFeeds empowers the marketing team to control their product data without reliance of the IT department. IT departments are often the busiest part of any business and waiting for that urgent feed refresh to be scheduled can be frustrating. In telecoms marketers often rely on emails to get the latest deals to affilates, as feeds are too slow to respond and IT depts cant drop everything to add a deal on a moments notice.

Our platform gives marketers total control of product data and allows them to syndicate changes quickly and independently.

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