keep paid search campaigns sync'd with price and availability changes


Keep flight and hotel pricing and availability up to date without having to re-export and re-syndicate feeds

Flight and hotel pricing / availibilty data is constantly changing. If you upload to Google AdWords once or twice a day your campaigns are either overly generic or the pricing they advertise is constantly out of date. Either way, your campaign is seriously under-optimized. LiveFeeds can help transform your data and allow you to use a granularity in your ad copy that has never before been possible.

Unlock never-before-possible levels of product granualrity

The LiveFeeds platform enables never-before-seen levels of ad copy granularity. Have your ads count down availability Eg "5 Seats Left" or "Only 5 left in stock" to supercharge your call to action. Use specific pricing in long tail searches eg "Fly from Manchester to Paris 23rd November for £89".

Sale Constraint Mitigation

Think of this as Next Level Negative Keywords. Negative Keywords filter out a certain level of unwanted customer activity by assuming intent based on specific terms. The problem is that a customer can hit an exact keyword and still have constraints that will govern their purchase decision. When ads are too generic they prevent insight into the proposition and prevent the customer from avoiding the non-relevant click. This is a wasted opportunity when the data to provide that insight is available but unexposed.

Take for example the broad search "Holidays in Spain"

The customer may well have a date range in mind, a preferred departure city and a budget. Their search does not reflect those constraints. Now lets say that our advertiser sells holidays to Spain but they only have availability 2 months from now, or they only fly from certain airports and prices start at £500. These are known sale-blocking factors that we have data on but are not exposing to broad search. In this example the research-mode customer is not going to become transactional with our advertiser regardless of additional searches due to the constraints that were addressable from the first ad.

LiveFeeds can expose constraint data and enrich ad copy. E.g. Adding "Availability from April 23rd" or "Flying from Manchester and London Only". By giving the customer additional insight we can reduce wasted spend and increase overall conversion.

Google Adwords Integration

Our direct integration with Google Adwords means that on-site changes are reflected in your Adword copy automatically.

Ad Control

If hotel or flight availability reaches zero LiveFeeds will pause any ads where the search is specific enough that the customer will be unable to transact. This is particularly effective with late availability searches.

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